An expert explains what Pellegrini's victory in the Slovak elections means for Ukraine

Maryna PohorilkoWorld
Peter Pellegrini wins the presidential election in Slovakia. Source: TASR

The victory of Peter Pellegrini in the Slovak presidential election does not change anything in the parliamentary majority of the country's government. Military support for Ukraine continues steadily.

This was stated by Slovak political scientist, professor at the University of Presov Alexander Duleba in a commentary to OBOZ.UA. He noted that from October 2023 to the current elections, Slovakia has provided Ukraine with 500 million euros in support.

"This is ammunition for NATO-standard artillery systems, these are caliber 155. If we produced less than 10,000 shells a year before the war, last year we produced 50,000, and this year we plan to produce 150,000, and all of this is for Ukraine, paid for by the European Union," the Slovak political scientist said.

"The production of Zuzana 2 howitzers also continues, these are 16 new howitzers, the production is paid for by the governments of Germany, Denmark, and Norway," Duleba said.

He added that the production of howitzers for Ukraine and the repair of military equipment damaged at the front line are also underway. In addition, according to the political scientist, almost all weapons from Slovak warehouses have been transferred to our country.

"Yes, of course, these are Zuzana 2 howitzers, Bozena minefield systems, and much more," Duleba said.

He called it paradoxical that Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico says he will not supply a single shell to Ukraine.

"This is just reality, so Ukraine needs to understand Fico's real policy a little bit. He says one thing and does another, the problem of Slovakia is not what Fico says. The problem of Slovakia is why there are voters here who want to hear this," the political scientist summarized.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

– On April 7, the second round of the presidential election ended in Slovakia. Peter Pellegrini, an ally of the current Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, won with 96.1% of the votes.

– After the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Slovakia immediately responded to the call for help for Ukraine. The Slovak authorities also supported all sanctions against Russia and accepted hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees.

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