Who was behind the drone attack on Moscow and what made them special: InformNapalm reveals details

The drone attack on Moscow was carried out by Russians

The morning of May 30 turned out to be turbulent for residents and local authorities in Moscow. Thus, there was a drone attack on the capital of the terrorist state.

Russian authorities have already managed to blame the Ukrainian side for this situation. However, according to the official channel of the International Intelligence Community InformNapalm, the attack on Moscow was carried out exclusively by Russians.

"According to our data, this morning's Chinese drone attack on Moscow and the Moscow region involved only Russians who are fighting against Putin's regime and are permanently on Russian territory," the community noted.

Thus, it was the Russians who controlled the drones that had been brought into the Russian Federation during the attack. It is noted that these drones are resistant to Russian electronic warfare systems, and the only way to neutralize them is to shoot them down with air defense systems.

According to InformNapalm, it is unknown at this point whether the Russian rebels coordinated their actions with the Ukrainian special services or whether it was their own initiative.

The Russian channel BAZA also indirectly confirms information that during the drone attack in the Moscow region there were persons present on the ground who corrected the actions of the drones, and these persons were among the Russians.

For example, the night before the drone attack, someone set off a grand salute in an upscale village on Rublevka. A few hours later, UAVs flew in.


Recall that the Ukrainian Air Force commented on the drone attack on Moscow. Thus, Yuriy Ignat called the May 30 morning drone attack an internal problem in Russia.

It was also reported that the Kremlin commented on the "bavovna" in Moscow after the warning from Budanov. Putin's spokesman claims that the launch of drones into Moscow was Kyiv's "response" to the May 28 Russian military strikes that allegedly targeted "one of the decision-making centers".

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