"We should not underestimate the enemy": AFU on the constant presence of well-trained Russian SRGs on the northern Ukrainian border

Russia deploys professional reconnaissance groups to the border with Ukraine

Russia is constantly sending sabotage and reconnaissance groups to the border with Ukraine. The enemy's actions should not be underestimated as these subversive reconnaissance groups are well trained and professional.

The defense forces use certain tactics to detect and destroy enemy SRGs before they cross the border. This was stated by Vadym Mysnyk, spokesman for the Siversk Operational and Tactical Group of troops, during the TV marathon.

"Our intelligence monitors the actions of the enemy forces on the other side of the border. And of course, all the time - last year, this year, in winter and spring - quite professional Russian saboteurs have been working here. We shouldn't underestimate the enemy," Mysnyk noted.

''We should not underestimate the enemy'': AFU on the constant presence of well-trained Russian SRGs on the northern Ukrainian border

He added, "The defense forces use certain tactical techniques to destroy Russian subversive groups before they cross the border. The defense system built on the border also makes it difficult for the Russian 'specialists' to fulfill their tasks."

Mysnyk also commented on the information that these subversive reconnaissance groups allegedly include Kadyrov's men, as it was Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov who recently published a video with a Russian flag in the village of Ryzhivka in the Sumy region.

Currently, AFU has no evidence of Kadyrov's men being part of Russian subversive groups. Instead, there are numerous confirmations of other units of 'security forces' from Chechnya.

"Kadyrov's units have a slightly different purpose. For example, they perform tasks mostly as barrier units. Experience shows that they have not been used very actively as assault or reconnaissance groups," the spokesman emphasized.

As a reminder, Kadyrov recently said that Russian invaders had allegedly captured Ryzhivka, which is located on the border with the Kursk region of the Russian aggressor state near the Russian village of Tyotkino. To prove his claim, he published a video with the Russian tricolor on a building and footage of a sign of the Ryzhivka village council. Kadyrov attributed a leading role in the alleged "seizure" of the village to "fighters of the Akhmat-Chechnya regiment of the Russian Defense Ministry under the command of dear brother Aslambek Saliyev."

On June 9, Kadyrov's statement about the alleged occupation of Ryzhivka was officially denied by the head of the Bilopil community, Yuriy Zarko. In a commentary to Suspilne, he assured that there were no Russian invaders in the village and that the settlement was under Ukrainian control.

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