"We are fighting for our territories": Humeniuk comments on explosions in occupied Crimea

Humeniuk commented on the explosions in the occupied Crimea

Russian invaders complained about another explosion in the temporarily occupied Crimea on the night of October 24. The South Operational Command has not yet disclosed the details of the operation, but assured that the results will please Ukrainians.

At the same time, they noted that the Ukrainian Defense Forces continue to destroy enemy resources on the peninsula. This was stated by Natalia Gumenyuk, head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces of Ukraine, during the telethon.

According to her, hostilities are ongoing in Crimea, despite the occupiers' claims that the peninsula is allegedly "protected" by Russian air defense forces. Humeniuk emphasized that at this stage, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are destroying the enemy's potential in Crimea to the maximum extent possible.

"They feel deeper and deeper in Ukraine, realizing that we are fighting for our territories, that Crimea is Ukraine. There are hostilities there, even when it seems to them that it is quite calm and their air defense is working. In fact, the situation on our side is coordinated in such a way that the task at this stage is to destroy the enemy's potential as much as possible, all that he can still use as additional forces and resources," said Humeniuk.

She also noted that the Russian occupiers have deployed missile launchers to the Black Sea. Therefore, the Ukrainian military must respond appropriately to the enemy's maneuvers.

"We analyzed that yesterday the enemy put two frigates on combat duty - these are missile carriers equipped with Kalibr. They are trying to develop some kind of situation in the Black Sea. The defense forces have to respond. It's too early to summarize the results, but I think everyone will be pleased with the results," said Humeniuk.

''We are fighting for our territories'': Humeniuk comments on explosions in occupied Crimea

As a reminder, explosions were heard in Sevastopol in Crimea, temporarily occupied by Russian troops, on the morning of Tuesday, October 24. The occupation administration of the city claimed that the Black Sea Fleet was allegedly repelling a "possible underwater attack."

Earlier it was reported that at least four enemy MiG-31s are stationed at the Belbek airfield near Sevastopol in the Ukrainian Crimea temporarily occupied by Russian troops. In the K modification, these aircraft can launch Kinzhal missiles.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, a new batch of mobilized Russians was brought to the occupied Dzhankoy. On the Russian-occupied peninsula, the "mobiks" faced inhumane treatment - they are not even fed.

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