Wallace urges British Defense Secretary to keep up with military support for Ukraine: money will run out in a matter of weeks

In response, Grant Shapps praised the work of his predecessor

Former British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace has warned his successor Grant Shapps that London risks "falling behind" in its military support for Ukraine. He explained that the British government has not yet announced a budget for supporting our country for the next few years.

Wallace made this statement on Monday, January 8, during a speech in the House of Commons. This was reported by The Guardian.

The former minister told parliament that in June, before he left the government, he had formally requested between £2.3 and £2.6 billion in military aid funding for Ukraine, but that no announcement had been made since.

"If we don't start making an announcement soon, we will fall behind many of our European colleagues who are already ahead of us in our support," Wallace said.

For his part, Grant Shapps praised the work of his predecessor. He refused to talk about specific figures, but said that Wallace "will not be disappointed, and he won't have to wait too long."

The UK has provided Ukraine with £2.3 billion in military aid for two consecutive years, but although this year's funding was announced six months in advance, next year's budget has not yet been approved.

To recap, the UK Ministry of Defense announced the transfer of hundreds of missiles for air defense systems to Ukraine. The ministry emphasized that the Ukrainian state should have everything it needs to protect itself from Russian massive attacks.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said that the West cannot allow Ukraine to lose the war with Russia, as it means that the world will slide into an authoritarian era. Allowing dictators and autocrats to rule the world is extremely dangerous, so democratic countries should help Ukraine, no matter how much it costs them.

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