Waiting for ATACMS: what does the historic US law provide for and when will all weapons be in Ukraine

The United States has decided to help Ukraine. What will our country receive and when?

The U.S. Congress has passed a law that provides for military assistance to Ukraine "here and now" - the document has already been signed by President Joe Biden. In addition to the transfer of weapons to our country, including ATACMS missiles, it provides that the US government will develop a concept for a long-term support strategy for Ukraine.

OBOZ.UA has gathered all the important information about the law on aid for Ukraine.

Thus, Congress demanded that the US Department of Defense and the State Department develop a strategy to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia. In addition, it is important that for the first time since the beginning of a full-scale war, official US documents clearly articulated the purpose of military assistance to our country.

Also, according to the law, the US President is obliged to provide Ukraine with ATACMS long-range missiles. The transfer of this weapon system should not harm the national security interests of the United States.

What else will Ukraine get?

According to the Pentagon, Ukraine will receive RIM-7 and AIM-9M air defense missiles, Stinger man-portable air defense systems, small arms and additional ammunition, additional ammunition for HIMARS (including ATACMS missiles), various types of shells and missiles, night vision devices, and vehicles.

After signing the law, Joe Biden assured that he would instruct the relevant services to "transfer missile systems and all necessary weapons to Ukraine in the next few hours."

How soon will the weapons arrive in Ukraine?

According to U.S. officials, the first batch of military aid from the United States could be delivered to Ukraine in a few days after Biden signs the law. It will be weapons from the Pentagon's stockpiles in Germany that can be quickly delivered by rail to the Ukrainian border.

The Pentagon has said that it will take less than a week to deliver the first part of military aid to the Ukrainian military.

When will ATACMS arrive?

Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner said that Ukraine could receive US long-range ATACMS missiles by the end of this week. They are to be delivered immediately after Joe Biden signs the law.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, immediately after US President Joe Biden signed the law on assistance to Ukraine, the US Department of Defense announced the content of the aid package. This is the first package under the new law "with an estimated value of one billion dollars."

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