Veteran Yurii Hudymenko: "Cluster munitions will help AFU reduce human losses"

Yuriu Hudymenko commented on the provision of cluster munitions to Ukraine

"Ukraine's use of cluster munitions received from the United States means fewer military and civilian casualties. The concerns of human rights organizations about their effectiveness and safety for others are exaggerated".

Yurii Hudymenko, a veteran, serviceman, public and political activist and founder of the NGO "Ukrainian Association Dream" told about it in an interview with Espresso TV channel.

"Western countries have different interests in the war and different stocks of weapons. The reasons why they give or don't give us weapons are completely different. Some percentage of cluster munitions will not explode. The old Soviet ones are more likely to do so than the Western ones. Yes, often the sappers have to eliminate them. But it is much more difficult to face Russian fortifications that have to be stormed and are difficult for conventional artillery to fire. When using cluster munitions, we will lose significantly fewer people," assured Yurii Hudymenko.

According to Hudymenko, there is no ideal model for the use of military equipment and weapons, which does not harm the military and civilian population and will not create problems for the environment.

"Indeed, our war is absolute nonsense for the West, as in their picture of the world, there should be no such wars. They were preparing to go to war with underdeveloped countries, with terrorists. When it turned out that the West would wage war against a highly developed country, it turned out that their "defense" industry was not ready to produce weapons in such volumes. The choice was between greater and lesser loss of Ukrainian lives. The Russian Federation, which came to our land with the war, bears full responsibility for this. Therefore, I would advise Humans Rights Watch and all other human rights organizations not to tell us how to properly liberate our land from the occupants, but to pay attention to who is responsible for these fights, casualties and destruction," Hudymenko concluded.

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