"Very good news": the Main Intelligence Directorate revealed details of the destruction of small Russian landing boats

Additionally, carriers of anti-aircraft missile systems that occupiers cannot replace were also destroyed

The operation to destroy Russia's small landing boats in occupied Crimea was "extremely successful" for Ukraine. It was prepared for a long time and carefully, and as a result, the carriers of air defense systems that were supposed to cover other vessels, and which the occupiers have nothing to replace, were also destroyed.

Andrii Yusov, a representative of Ukraine's Defense Intelligence, made this statement during a telethon on November 11. "Yes, this is very good news for us. Ukrainian maritime drones have once again proven to be an extremely effective weapon," Yusov said (video is available at the bottom of the news).

He noted that Ukraine's Defense Intelligence conducted the operation with the support of other branches of the Defense Forces.

As a result, the enemy carriers of anti-aircraft missile systems, which were supposed to cover other vessels of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, were also destroyed. The latter, according to Yusov, were used, among other things, during the operations on Zmiinyi Island, and Russia has "nothing to replace them with."

In addition, the occupiers' armored personnel carriers were destroyed, and their personnel suffered losses.

The Ukraine's Defense Intelligence representative added that due to Ukrainian strikes, the fleet has been relocating from Crimea, including to Novorossiysk in the Krasnodar Territory of the Russian Federation, for several months now.

Yusov also recalled that Russia announced the construction of a new port "in the occupied territories of another state," referring to Georgia, part of which was seized by Russia.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- On the morning of November 10, Ukraine's Defense Intelligence soldiers struck two military boats in Chornomorske near Yevpatoria. The vessels were carrying the occupiers' crew and armored vehicles.

- Both landing boats - "Akula" and "Serna" - were successfully targeted. They were located in the Narrow Bay, as reported by the GUR.

- On November 4, a strike on the territory of the Zaliv plant in Kerch damaged a new Russian missile corvette named the Askold.

- According to British intelligence, this strike indicates the capability of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to hit targets in eastern Crimea, where they had not previously reached. 

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