US plans to send additional military advisers to Ukraine - Politico

US to send additional military advisors to Ukraine. Source: Pentagon

The United States is currently considering sending additional military advisors to help Ukraine. Pentagon spokesman Major General Patrick Ryder spoke about this possibility.

"Throughout this conflict, the Department of Defense has been reviewing and adjusting our presence in Ukraine as the security environment has changed. We are now considering sending several additional advisors to strengthen the ODC, the Office of Defense Cooperation at the embassy," Ryder was quoted as saying by Politico.

"This is the latest evidence of American commitment to Ukraine as Russia appears to be gaining momentum in the two-year conflict," the publication said.

The Pentagon spokesman emphasized that these advisors will not perform combat missions, they will only "provide advice" and "support the Ukrainian government and defenders." He refused to name a specific date and number of ODC personnel to be increased. At the same time, Ryder cited security concerns.

In turn, the publication, citing unnamed sources, suggested that the number of U.S. troops in Ukraine could increase by 60. Of these, only one or two, maybe three people will "provide advice". The rest will be involved in the logistics of military aid and in the maintenance of military equipment provided by the United States.

According to the publication's sources, the increase in the ODC contingent was necessary because the House of Representatives approved military aid to Ukraine. After the Senate passes the bill and the US president signs it, Ukraine will once again receive US military aid, and it will probably be bigger than before.

The ODC consists of personnel from the Ministry of Defense. But the Office is part of the American Embassy. It carries out various advisory and support missions, which are exclusively non-combat.

As reported, on April 20, the US House of Representatives voted on further assistance to Ukraine and supported the relevant bill. There were 311 votes in favor. After the time for voting came to an end, supporters of Ukraine in the House of Representatives began to applaud and chant "Ukraine!". The document provides $60.8 billion in funding to help our country.

As reported, the US administration has already stated that the delivery of military aid to Kyiv will begin "immediately" after the bill with additional funding is approved. The US President promised that he would sign the document immediately.

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