Ukraine has formed a 200-mile security strip in the Black Sea: the The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine told how it became possible

Ukrainian military tells about the use of naval drones in war

With the help of naval strike drones in 2023, Ukrainian soldiers were able to push the Russian fleet away from Ukrainian shores and force enemy ships to flee the Sevastopol Bay in the temporarily occupied Crimea. Thanks to accurate attacks on Russian targets in the Black Sea and on the occupied peninsula, the defenders managed to create a 200-mile security strip in the sea, providing a corridor for merchant ships.

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, which has its own fleet of maritime strike drones, noted that they are working daily to improve weapons and find new effective tactics. This is stated in the publication of The New York Times.

In its article, the publication noted that in 2023, Ukraine managed to create a security lane in the Black Sea, which is now used by merchant ships. This was achieved, in part, by increasing the use of maritime attack drones.

The commander of the Ukrainian Defence Intelligence's fleet of surface attack drones, nicknamed "Thirteenth," shared with Western journalists some details of how the goal of destroying the Russian fleet's dominance in the Black Sea was achieved.

In particular, he said that it was the operators of Ukrainian military intelligence drones who were behind the destruction of Russian Akula and Serna-class landing boats, as well as effective strikes on the Russian Black Sea Fleet patrol ship Serhiy Kotov and the Ivan Khurs reconnaissance vessel.

"When we hit the target, the whole team was, of course, overwhelmed with emotions. We were shouting and congratulating each other," recalled Thirteenth, recalling the emotions of the scouts after the successful attack on the Sergiy Kotov.

Naval strike drones allowed Ukraine to accomplish what seemed impossible: thanks to the latest weaponry, a state that actually has no navy won a confrontation at sea with a state that positions itself as a "maritime" state.

"No one has the experience of using maritime drones like we do. There are no teachers or textbooks. We are now writing these books," stated the commander of the DIU's naval drone fleet.

Of course, according to Thirteenth, the Russians are also learning from attack to attack and testing new ways to prevent Ukrainian naval drones from reaching their targets. That is why each new operation requires a special approach from Ukrainian operators, who are constantly improving both the drones themselves and the tactics of their use.

"With each new operation, both we and they [the Russians] learn," emphasized Thirteen.

And Ukrainian soldiers proved to be capable learners: the existence of a 200-mile security strip and the creation of a safe shipping corridor in 2023 became a fait accompli.

"They (Russian warships - Ed.) can be pushed back. Russia's dominance in the Black Sea is over," the DIU soldier summarized.

Earlier, British intelligence said that Russia wants to catch up with Ukraine in the development of kamikaze maritime drones. In 2024, the occupiers want to establish mass production of such equipment.

In particular, the British drew attention to the activities of the Kingisepp Machine-Building Plant in St. Petersburg. On November 27, 2023, the head of this enterprise announced that their maritime drones would be tested in a "special military operation" against Ukraine to establish mass production in 2024.

The plant also stated that the advanced Russian drones would allegedly be able to carry ammunition weighing up to 600 kg.

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