There will be more surprises: Russians were warned of new attacks on defense enterprises

New surprises predicted for Russians at defense enterprises

Russia, the aggressor country, will also face explosions on its territory in the fall and winter. There will be much more "surprises" there due to the actions of guerrillas in particular.

This was stated by the spokesman for the South Ukrainian Volunteer Army, Serhiy Bratchuk, during a TV marathon. According to him, "non-compliance with fire safety rules and smoking in public places" and the intensification of the underground movement will also contribute to this.

"Those Russian units that sided with Ukraine are already conducting raids in the Bryansk and Kursk regions. I think they have supporters in the deep rear," he suggested.

Bratchuk says that Russian defense industry plants that have been put on the military track are at risk of facing "smoking" issues.

"But we know about their problems with corruption and non-compliance with the rules of behavior in hazardous production. That's why they will continue to explode. The intensity of the attacks is growing, so I think they will have more such moments," the South spokesman noted.

Bratchuk emphasized that Ukraine needs to act proactively because the enemy may launch attacks on our critical infrastructure with the drop in temperature. The occupiers have also activated aviation, which affects the situation on the front line and in the frontline areas.

"Therefore, we need to strike where the enemy will feel it most effectively. First of all, it is the defense and energy sector," he said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, on the night of November 11, a design bureau in the Moscow region, where Russians produced missiles and components for them, as well as a powder plant in the Tambov region, were hit. It is known that the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine is behind these explosions in Russia.

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