There were no Ukrainian missiles: it became known what the explosions were in occupied Kerch

Russians' "Triumph" missile system fails in Crimea

The explosions that occurred the day before in the temporarily occupied Kerch in Crimea were not caused by an attack on the peninsula or Ukrainian missiles, as the terrorist state's Defense Ministry claimed. As it turned out, the occupiers' S-400 Triumph air defense system malfunctioned, causing them to lose 3 air defense missiles.

This was reported on the Telegram channel "Spy Dossier". It is noted that the equipment, which was at the disposal of the 18th Guards Anti-Aircraft Missile Regiment of the 31st Air Defense Division of the Russian Air Force, recorded several air targets on its radar, allegedly heading toward the Crimean Bridge. The occupiers immediately began to "work" on them.

According to the channel's author, the Russians fired three missiles, two of which exploded in midair and another fell in a field.

"As it turned out later, there were no targets and no threat at all. The division's radar malfunctioned, which resulted in a false combat operation," the channel noted.

The report also added that it remains a mystery how the radar of the $1.2 billion complex could have malfunctioned.

Explosions in Kerch on December 21 were not caused by Ukrainian missiles

As a reminder, due to the explosions on December 21, there were four of them, the Russians blocked the Crimean bridge for traffic, and the Ministry of Defense of the aggressor country, Russia, announced the alleged downing of a "Ukrainian missile" over the Azov Sea. Propaganda resources claimed that air defense systems were allegedly activated near the Crimean Bridge.

As of 16:13, the Russian Defense Ministry said that the "Kyiv regime" had allegedly made an "attempted missile attack."

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- As a result of the attack on Crimea on Wednesday, December 20, several "interesting objects" of the Russians were destroyed. In particular, three satellite communications antennas at one location and the Tobol electronic warfare complex at another.

- On December 15, the "cotton" visited Dzhankoy, Genichesk, and Simferopol districts. It was also noisy in Sevastopol. According to the Russians, the border of Crimea and Kherson region came under a powerful attack, and the occupiers allegedly shot down 15 missiles there.

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