"The SBU worked effectively!" Exclusive details of nighttime UAV strikes on a refinery and airfield in Russia have emerged

The Krasnodar region complained of an attack on a number of facilities, including two oil refineries. Source: rosmedia

The explosions in the Krasnodar Territory of the Russian Federation on the night of April 27 were the result of an operation by the Security Service of Ukraine. The drones launched by the special forces hit two oil refineries in the region – Ilya and Slavyansk.

But the special forces delivered the "cotton" to the occupiers' Kushchevsk military airfield together with the Defense Forces: dozens of military aircraft, as well as radar and electronic warfare systems, were deployed there. The details of the night attack were provided to OBOZ.UA by informed sources.

Our interlocutor called Saturday night literally "explosive" for the Russian Kuban. It was especially inflammatory for the Kushchevsk military airfield, as well as for the Ilya and Slavyansk refineries in the Krasnodar region of Russia.

OBOZ.UA's sources claim that all three facilities were hit by SBU drones.

Thus, the SBU attacked the military airfield jointly with the Defense Forces. The source assures that dozens of military aircraft, radar, and electronic warfare equipment were stationed there.

There is no exact data on the consequences of the attack on the airfield, but one of the opposition Russian media outlets published a video that was probably filmed at the damaged airfield. If it is genuine, it is possible that the strike hit a warehouse with bomb processing equipment, as debris from correction and planning modules and nose fairings for air bombs can be seen on the ground.

In addition, the SBU attack drones struck the distillation and atmospheric columns of the Ilya and Slavyansk refineries. They are key technological facilities at these refineries.

The source assures that after the hits, fires broke out at the airfield and the refinery and personnel were evacuated. And representatives of at least one of the refineries announced the "suspension of work" of the enterprise.

"The SBU continues to effectively work on military and infrastructure facilities behind enemy lines, reducing Russia's potential for warfare. The terrorist country's "cotton" is burning and will continue to burn," our source assured.

As a reminder, it became known at dawn that UAVs had attacked a number of targets in Russia. RosMedia almost immediately reported that two refineries, a bitumen plant, and an airfield were hit.

According to the local governor, Russian air defense allegedly shot down "more than 10 drones." At the same time, he was quick to assure that there were no "casualties or serious consequences on the ground." Meanwhile, Russians published videos of powerful fires in the region.

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