The production of missiles and drones continues: the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine assessed weapon reserves in the Russian Federation and talked about its manufacturing

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine provided information about the production of weapons in Russia

The Defence Intelligence of Ukraine has stated that the production of attack drones and missiles continues in the aggressor state of Russia. Despite the critical lack of modern technologies, such as microcircuits and chips, Moscow still has some capabilities to manufacture this type of weapon.

This was stated by a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Andrii Yusov, on the air of the TV channel "We Are Ukraine" on Wednesday, December 6. In addition, Russia has a large number of small arms and missile weapons, including the S-300.

According to him, the enemy may have enough small arms to arm a "significant number" of personnel reserves. Soviet small arms are still available in Russia in almost unlimited quantities.

As for the S-300, there are also quite a few of them. These weapons are not accurate, so they pose a great danger to settlements located close to the front.

"This is not a high-precision weapon; it flies in a certain direction and hits what is located in a square. These weapons are primarily aimed at civilians and civilian infrastructure," said Yusov.

The situation with the enemy army's armored vehicles is more complicated. Although Russia constantly boasts about the production of new equipment, it is mainly about the decommissioning and modernization of existing samples from the stocks.

The occupiers lack modern electronics, optics, circuits, and microchips to produce new equipment. In the future, this problem will be even more acute in Russia.

However, as the Ukrainian intelligence representative emphasized, Moscow still has certain capabilities. In particular, it continues to produce missile weapons and attack UAVs. This became possible because the Russians have come up with ways to circumvent sanctions.

"At the same time, the production of drones is not a state-of-the-art production. It's a matter of volume. They are not currently approaching the set volumes and announced plans," Yusov stated.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, Russia aims to eliminate the gap with Ukraine in the development of unmanned unilateral surface drones. In 2024, the occupiers want to establish mass production of such equipment.

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