SSU Head Malyuk announces "surprises" for occupants and tells about operations with Sea Baby

Special service strikes the enemy "with a needle in the heart"

The Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Malyuk said that the SSU strikes the enemy "with a needle in the heart". According to him, one of the areas of focus of the Ukrainian special service will be Crimea and the Black Sea, where the Black Sea Fleet of the occupiers is gradually being driven out with the help of Sea Baby marine drones.

Malyuk made the statement in an interview with the American newspaper Politico. "We cannot disclose our plans. They must remain a shocker for the enemy. We are preparing surprises. The occupiers must realize that they will not be able to hide. We will find the enemy everywhere," he said.

According to the article, the SSU's actions not only boost the morale of Ukrainians, but also damage the combat capabilities of the Russian Federation.

SSU Head Malyuk announces ''surprises'' for occupants and tells about operations with Sea Baby

"The SSU conducts targeted pinpoint strikes. We strike the enemy with a needle in the heart. Each of our special operations has a specific goal and gives its result. All this together complicates Russia's ability to wage war and brings our victory closer," Malyuk said.

The SSU head's favorite project is the Sea Baby marine drone, which carries about 850 kilograms of explosives and is able to operate in stormy conditions, making it difficult to detect.

"With the help of these guys, we are gradually pushing the Russian Black Sea Fleet out of Crimea," Malyuk said.

In July, the Sea Baby was used to attack the Kerch Bridge and to engage Russian ships. In October 2022, SSU maritime drones attacked the Sevastopol Bay, damaging four Russian warships.

This year, the drones hit two missile carriers, a tanker, a landing ship, and damaged a large military tugboat and Russia's newest reconnaissance and hydrographic ship, the article says.

This forced Moscow to withdraw most of its fleet from occupied Sevastopol, freeing the western Black Sea and allowing Ukraine to resume using its ports for shipping.

Vasyl Malyuk also noted that the Crimean bridge is still operational after the 2022 truck bombing and the July strike, but is only partially open.

"This is a legitimate target for us under international law and the rules of war. Ukrainian legislation also allows us to attack this facility. And we must destroy the logistics of our enemy," the SSU chief said.

Malyuk said that Kyiv carefully considers its targets before launching a strike, seeking to stay within the rules of war, unlike Russia, which launches missiles, artillery and UAVs at both military and civilian targets.

"When planning and preparing a special operation, the SSU carefully selects targets. We work on military targets or those used by the enemy to fulfill their military tasks. We act in full compliance with international law," emphasized Malyuk.

The SSU carries out most of its operations on the territory of Ukraine - in the occupied territories of Donbas, Crimea and the Black Sea.

"This is our land, and we will use all possible methods to liberate it from the occupiers," Malyuk said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA:

- The New York Times wrote that a unique Ukrainian development in the form of maritime drones "shows the way" in Ukraine's fight against Russian aggression. The tactic of using these drones in a "swarm" has proven to be deadly and effective against Russian forces in the Black Sea.

- During his final press conference, President Volodymyr Zelensky promised that Ukraine would produce one million drones by 2024.

- Minister of Strategic Industry Oleksandr Kamyshin clarified that these will be FPV drones. In addition, it is planned to produce more than a thousand drones with a flight range of more than 1000 km and more than 10,000 medium-range strike UAVs.

- The Ukrainian military received the first batch of long-range AQ 400 Scythe drones with a range of up to 750 km. The new UAVs have already been put into mass production in Ukraine.

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