Situation on the front may change, but Putin will not achieve his goal in Ukraine - US State Department

State Department speaks out on the war in Ukraine and calls on Congress to approve aid for the Armed Forces

The U.S. State Department admits that the situation on the battlefield in Ukraine may change, but claims that the aggressor state Russia has already lost, as Moscow has not achieved its main goal. Russian dictator Vladimir Putin dreamed of capturing the whole of Ukraine, but failed.

This was stated by US Department of State spokesman Matthew Miller during a briefing on Thursday, January 4,Voice of America reports. He noted that no one else is even considering the option that the Russians are going to capture Kyiv.

At the same time, Miller admitted that without Washington's military assistance, it would be difficult for the Ukrainian army to continue to retake its cities and villages from the Russians.

"We see a Ukraine that is able to stand on its own two feet, that is building its economy and its army. The situation on the battlefield will be very difficult without additional support from the United States, and we believe that we need to continue to support them, and we think that Congress will eventually do so. But we believe that Putin not only has not achieved, but will not achieve his ultimate goals," the State Department spokesman said.

Miller emphasized that the United States does not believe that the war in Ukraine is shaping up in Russia's favor. He reminded that Ukrainian troops have liberated about half of the territory that Russia seized in the first weeks of the war.

"And even over the past few weeks, Ukrainians have continued to make progress on the battlefield," added the US State Department spokesman.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, earlier Miller noted that the United States does not push Ukraine to negotiate with Russia. The administration of US President Joe Biden also does not want Kyiv to change its strategy or goals in confronting Russia.

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