Sikorski says some NATO countries have already sent military personnel to Ukraine

Sikorsky said that some Western countries have already sent their military to Ukraine

Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski said that some Western countries have already sent their military to Ukraine. He refused to name these countries.

He also added that he supports the initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron to send NATO troops to Ukraine as this "will disrupt the scenario planned by Russia." Sikorski made this statement during a discussion in the Polish parliament dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Poland's accession to the North Atlantic Alliance, Focus reports.

According to the Polish Foreign Minister, "some countries" have already sent their military to Ukraine.

"Unlike other politicians, I will not list these countries," Sikorski added.

The head of Polish diplomacy welcomed Macron's initiative to send a NATO contingent to Ukraine.

"I support the initiative of President Emmanuel Macron," Sikorski said.

He called the French president's idea an "inventive move" that would disrupt the scenario of the war in Ukraine planned by Russia.

"The West should implement a creatively defined and asymmetrical escalation," the Polish Foreign Minister said.

Sikorski also emphasized that by launching an armed aggression against Ukraine, the Russian Federation has demonstrated its own inability to accept Western values. This state cannot coexist peacefully with its neighbors, so NATO must return to its original role.

Earlier, Macron made a number of statements regarding the deployment of Western troops in Ukraine and the supply of long-range weapons. According to him, Western leaders are discussing the possible need to send their troops to Ukraine in the future. Although there is no consensus on this issue, such developments cannot be ruled out.

Some Western leaders, including German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, were quick to argue Macron's statements.

The French president himself later said that he had offered to send troops to Ukraine himself, and later clarified that his country could send troops to Ukraine if the frontline moved towards Odesa or Kyiv.

Meanwhile, Politico reported that France is assembling a coalition of countries that support sending troops to Ukraine.

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