SeaBaby experimental drone hits Russian Samum missile ship

Ukrainian drone damages a missile carrier of the aggressor country
Ukrainian drone damages a missile carrier of the aggressor country

On September 14, an unmanned surface vehicle of the Security Service of Ukraine SeaBaby damaged a Russian Samum missile ship. The drone hit the right rear side of the enemy vessel, causing significant damage, with the missile carrier losing its momentum.

This was reported to OBOZREVATEL by sources in the SSU. The Ukrainian drone hit the target near the entrance to Sevastopol Bay.

Sevastopol Bay on the map.

The Ukrainian side is aware that the Russians had to tow the Samum for repairs with a significant tilt at the stern and listing to starboard.

The SSU used an experimental model of a marine drone that can operate in a storm, hiding from detection behind high waves. The waves were 1.5-2 meters high during the special operation.

A Russian warship.

It is known that the Samum 1239 small missile ship is a Samum-class missile carrier hovercraft ans part of the 41st Missile Boat Brigade of the Crimean Naval Base of the Black Sea Fleet. It is the largest high-speed warship in its subclass that uses a hydrodynamic platform.

At the end of 2016, the Russians chose Samum as the best second-ranked ship of their Black Sea Fleet.

SeaBaby SSU drones

Earlier, the SSU showed off special SeaBaby surface drones. Sea Baby is the result of many months of development, which began immediately after the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine.

SSU Head Vasyl Maliuk called it a unique development of his agency in an interview with CNN.

"No private company was involved in this. With the help of these drones, we have recently successfully hit the Crimean bridge, the large Olenegorskiy Gornyak landing ship and the SIG tanker," he said.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- On August 4, 2023, a naval surface drone attacked the Russian Olenegorskiy Gornyak in the Novorossiysk Bay. The vessel received a serious hole, fell overboard and could no longer perform its combat missions.

- On August 5, a marine drone crashed into a SIG tanker 30 miles from the Kerch Strait. Russian media published a photo of the damaged vessel. The tanker received a hole in the engine room area.

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