Scholz tells Xi Jinping that war in Ukraine threatens global security, while China insists on Russia's participation in peace conference: all details

Scholz tells Xi Jinping that war in Ukraine threatens global security

During his visit to China, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said to Xi Jinping that Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine threatens global security. He also called on Beijing to put more pressure on Moscow to resolve the conflict.

For his part, Chinese President reiterated that the aggressor country Russia should take part in the upcoming peace conference. This was reported by The Washington Post.

During the talks with Xi, the German chancellor emphasized that the use of nuclear weapons in the Russian-Ukrainian war is unacceptable. He also warned that the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine threatens to escalate into a global conflict and disrupt food supplies and other types of trade.

Beijing's representatives emphasized the need to establish peace talks between Ukraine and Russia. At the same time, the Chinese authorities put forward such a proposal without specifying the nuances of resolving the aggressor's key territorial claims. China also continues to insist that the UN Charter should prevail in international affairs and be based on respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, which is clearly contrary to Russia's actions.

Despite this, Xi Jinping said that China encourages and supports all efforts that contribute to a peaceful settlement of the war. In particular, Beijing noted that it supports the convening of an international peace conference with equal participation of all parties and a fair discussion of all peaceful options.

"China is ready to maintain cooperation with all interested parties, including Germany, in this regard," Xi Jinping said.

As a reminder, Scholz's visit to China became the longest foreign trip by a chancellor to a single country since he took office in December 2021. The three-day program includes a meeting with Xi Jinping. The main topics are the economy, the Russian-Ukrainian war, and the situation around Taiwan.

Earlier, it was reported that the German government welcomes the upcoming Ukrainian peace summit to be held in Switzerland. Berlin is trying to help attract as many participants as possible from around the world, including Brazil and China.

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