Russians are actively demolishing houses in occupied Mariupol: the count is in the hundreds. Photo

Russians continue to raze districts of Mariupol to the ground

Russian occupants continue to demolish high-rise buildings in the temporarily controlled Mariupol. As of today, 465 apartment buildings have been demolished, leaving more than 51,000 local residents homeless.

As Petro Andriushchenko, an adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, explained, the invaders are pursuing a "new construction policy", promising to build new skyscrapers to replace the damaged old ones. However, the pace of their work does not inspire much enthusiasm.

"The total number of apartments in the demolished buildings was 33,480. In total, it is planned to distribute 4,894 apartments to Mariupol residents in 2023-2024. At the same time, there are no plans to build free housing in exchange for the demolished apartments," the city council representative wrote.

The new residential areas provide only mortgages for local residents or office space for the occupiers themselves. As an example of "large-scale construction", Andriushchenko showed what the Drama Theatre in the centre of Mariupol looks like, destroyed by a Russian air strike last spring - the largest infrastructure facility remains a complete ruin.

"So, waiters! Where are you going to live? I'll keep silent about the imaginary 280,000 people who have returned home..." - the author of the article concluded with a sad irony.

Russians are actively demolishing houses in occupied Mariupol: the count is in the hundreds. Photo

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Russians have started buying up housing in Mariupol, which they destroyed. However, most of the new settlers are not interested in apartments in the occupied city, but in the opportunity to profit from government payments.

Nevertheless, apartments in prefabricated panel buildings, which were built in a hurry and inspected by dictator Putin, are sold at a price of UAH 980,000. At the same time, the housing was supposed to be provided free of charge to local residents who were left without apartments as a result of the destruction of the residential sector by the occupying Russian forces.

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