Russian offensive in Kharkiv region may be fake - Forbes

With its offensive in Kharkiv region, the Kremlin can only divert attention from its main strategic goals

The Russian offensive in the Kharkiv region may be a deliberate deception by the Kremlin. Some experts believe that in this way Russia is encouraging Ukraine to move units from the Donetsk sector to these areas.

This was reported by Forbes. Probably, in this way, the Kremlin wants to distract the attention of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to focus on its strategic goals in Donbas.

Many experts expected Russian troops to launch a major offensive on May 9. On Thursday morning, Russian troops on BMP and MT-LB armored vehicles crossed the northern border of Ukraine, entering Kharkiv region. Ukrainian drones and artillery quickly destroyed the enemy vehicles.

The units of the 11th and 44th Army Corps of the Russian Federation managed to advance a little and take up positions in the villages of Strilecha, Pylyne, Krasne, Morokhovets and Oliynykove.

"Many people doubted how Russian troops crossed the border so quickly. The answer is simple: the border is a gray zone with no troops or fortifications directly on the border line," the Ukrainian analytical group Frontelligence Insight said.

It is noted that Ukraine has established defense structures a few kilometers south of the border and has deployed military units and territorial forces next to these structures. This gives them the ability to respond to any enemy actions along the border zone.

Therefore, analysts emphasize that statements about the collapse of the defense are premature and do not reflect the true situation. Unlike large mechanized units, Russian lightly armored small tactical groups located in small villages near the border can move relatively easily into the gray zone and seize control.

While there are some indications that the occupiers intend to strengthen their positions in several small border villages, there is no evidence that they are preparing for a major offensive against Kharkiv.

Finnish analyst Joni Askola suggested that significant progress in this area may not be the enemy's main goal. It could be just a deception aimed at diverting the attention of the Ukrainian Armed Forces from strategic points of control, such as Chasiv Yar and the towns west of Avdiivka. According to the expert, the enemy's tactical maneuver in the Kharkiv sector could lead to "a decrease in the availability of reserves to counter Russia's main offensive in the east."

"It seems that the Russians are trying to sow panic and uncertainty in society, convincing the population of the threat that is coming from across the border," Frontelligence Insight notes.

Russian offensive in Kharkiv region may be fake - Forbes

As previously reported, Russian troops that launched an offensive in Kharkiv region are now focusing their efforts on trying to quickly isolate the battlefield on the left bank of the Siversky Donets. One of the key goals for the invaders is to capture Vovchansk.

As a reminder, ISW has revealed what Putin is counting on with his offensive in Kharkiv region. Analysts believe that the dictator is assessing the risks, prospects and timing of offensive operations in the north of Kharkiv region, relying on the limited capabilities of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He and the Russian military command believe that due to a lack of resources, Ukraine "cannot and will not be able" to liberate the territory seized by Russian troops.

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