"Russia did not attack us": Hungary issued a cynical statement on participation in the Peace Summit

Peter Szijjarto made another scandalous statement

Hungary has not yet decided whether it will participate in the Peace Summit to end the war in Ukraine, which will take place in Switzerland. The country argues that it is not at war and that Russia "did not attack" it. In addition, Budapest would like to see "both sides of the conflict at the negotiating table."

Such a cynical statement was made by Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto in an interview with the Belarusian media outlet ONT. According to him, Budapest doubts whether this event will yield results since the aggressor country was not invited.

"If both sides of the war are not represented, I think it is a legitimate question whether the whole conference makes sense in terms of the ultimate goal, namely the pursuit of peace. Therefore, we believe that a peace conference has real meaning and gives the greatest hope for peace if both sides are sitting at the table," Szijjarto said.

The foreign minister added that Hungary, unlike other European Union states, does not consider the war in Ukraine to be "its war." Russia, he added, did not attack Hungary, and Hungary is not at war with Russia.

Moreover, Szijjártó does not believe that Ukraine, by defending its freedom and territorial integrity, is protecting Europe from war.

"Russia did not attack us. We are not at war. Ukraine is not fighting for us. If we had been attacked, it would have been a different situation, but we were not attacked, just like other EU states," he said.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, earlier Szijjarto said that NATO's plan for Ukraine could cause a world war, but Hungary is not going to fight. This is how he characterized the Alliance's plan to create a multi-year fund to support Ukraine.

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