Russia boasted of a "precision strike" against Mykolaiv: Kim poked fun at the Russians by destroying the Sausage SAM and Yogurt MLRS

A shopping mall turned out to be a "military target" for the invaders

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the night attack resulted in a "group strike" against an alleged "large Ukrainian ammunition depot" in Mykolaiv, but in reality one of the occupiers' targets was a shopping mall. The head of the Mykolaiv OVA, Vitaly Kim, poked fun at the occupants, saying that they had destroyed "1,000 units of the Sausage SAMs and the Yogurt MLRS."

In particular, the report of the aggressor country's defense ministry says that "the strike was carried out by long-range, sea-based precision weapons. The hit warehouse was allegedly located on the territory of a ship repair facility.

"The targets of the strike have been achieved. The designated facility has been hit," the agency cynically stated.


Recall that on the night of May 17, the Russian army attacked Mykolaiv. There were explosions and fires in the city. A woman was wounded.


The head of the OVA, Vitaly Kim, showed one of the occupiers' targets - a grocery store.

"Russia destroyed Ukraine's newest weapons. 1,000 Sausage and Yogurt SAMs were destroyed," he poked fun at the occupants.


In the morning the State Emergency Service reported that in Mykolaiv due to the impact of munitions and their fragments partially destroyed a car showroom, shopping center, as well as the building of the industrial infrastructure.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- The Russian Defense Ministry cynically called the strike on the humanitarian aid depot in Ternopil "destruction of the AFU deployment point".

- On May 16, the Russian Defense Ministry boasted of the "destruction" of Patriot SAMs. The Air Force of the Armed Forces said that Patriot cannot be destroyed by the Kinzhal: the division has radar and up to 8 launchers located separately from each other.

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