Powerful combat work: new details on the attack on the occupiers in Crimea

The enemy has already had to relocate sites for launching Shahed drones

As a result of the attack on the occupiers' military facilities in the occupied Crimea on January 4, not only the command post was destroyed but the enemy's defense system was also damaged. In general, Ukrainian defenders carried out powerful combat work the day before.

Natalia Humeniuk, a spokesperson for the Southern Defense Forces, said this during a TV marathon on January 5. "Not only one command post was hit, but also really powerful combat work took place over the past day, including serious damage to the defense system on the Crimean peninsula," she commented.

Humeniuk added that this is not the first defeat that has forced the enemy to seriously reformat its defense system.

Powerful combat work: new details on the attack on the occupiers in Crimea

"Now they are experiencing the same hysteria, trying to maneuver and locate both the defense systems themselves and the objects they are protecting in other places," she said.

According to her, the occupiers have recently relocated launch sites for Shahed drones. Previously, they used to launch UAVs mainly from Cape Chauda (Leninsky district of Crimea, the east of the peninsula), but in the last few powerful attacks, launches were recorded from near Balaklava (residential area of Sevastopol, southwest of Crimea).

"The Defense Forces have been working in this direction so that the enemy does not feel so safe in these territories and always remembers that Crimea is Ukraine and we are fighting for it," Humeniuk explained.

The spokesperson for the Southern Defense Forces added that the explosions near the Kerch Bridge are probably more of a smokescreen, "an attempt to protect this redundant configuration object."

"But still, the very concern and fears for its fate are not unfounded as our combat work continues and there are still many objects there that we need to work on. And we will definitely inform you about every powerful result, if it is worthy of announcement," Natalia Humeniuk said.

As reported, explosions occurred in Yevpatoriia and Sevastopol around 4 p.m. on January 4. The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirmed the defeat of the enemy's command post, and the Russian Defense Ministry reported the alleged destruction of "ten Ukrainian missiles". The occupation authorities reported one casualty.

Prior to that, an air raid alert was sounded in Crimea, and the invaders blocked the Crimean Bridge and the Chongar checkpoint, causing long traffic jams of civilian cars.

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