One leg amputated: data on the condition of a woman and a two-month-old girl injured in a Russian strike on the outskirts of Kherson

In the suburbs of Kherson, Russian troops shelled a car with a two-month-old baby

It has become known about the condition of a two-month-old girl and her mother, who were injured the day before, on November 13, by Russian shelling of the suburbs of Kherson. The child, who was hospitalized with bruised lungs, kidneys and a head injury, is not in danger of dying.

Doctors assess the condition of the baby's mother as serious, the woman had to have one leg amputated. The details were provided by Roman Mrochko, head of the Kherson City Military Administration.

"The life of a two-month-old girl who came under enemy fire with her mother and grandfather yesterday is not in danger. The child was hospitalized with bruised lungs, kidneys and a head injury. The mother had one leg amputated, but doctors managed to save the other. The woman's condition is assessed as stable, but there is positive dynamics," he noted.

Both the woman and her two-month-old daughter were injured when a Russian shell hit the car in which they were traveling from Kherson to the suburbs with the child's grandfather: the baby was being taken to the regional center for a medical examination. The 64-year-old man who was driving the car was killed: he burned down with the car.

Mrochko also said that the victims would receive financial assistance from the city budget.

"The dead and injured will receive financial aid from the city budget. In case of death, the family will receive 50 thousand hryvnias. The girl's mother will receive 20 thousand hryvnias, and the girl's mother will receive 30 thousand hryvnias. But this money and even more cannot compensate for your life or health. Therefore, we strongly recommend that families with children evacuate to safer places! Children are our future, and we must save them!" he urged.

Kherson on the map of hostilities

On the night of November 14, the Russian occupiers attacked Kharkiv region with Shaheds. The invaders sent six kamikaze drones to the region, two of which flew to the Izyum district: a company was damaged there, but fortunately, according to preliminary data, there were no casualties.

In total, Russia launched nine Shaheds and two missiles at Ukraine overnight. Air defense forces managed to shoot down seven enemy kamikaze drones.

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