"It is unknown how many failed launches there were before": expert explained why the Russians launch missiles mainly from the Caspian Sea. Video

Russian Tu-95 strategic bomber missile carrier
A Russian Tu-95 strategic bomber missile carrier. Illustrative photo

Russian aviation uses deserted places as cruise missile launch sites in case of "emergencies" such as the one that occurred in the village of Petropavlovka, Voronezh region of the Russian Federation, on the morning of January 2. There, the fall of the occupiers' missile destroyed the houses of local residents.

The command of the aggressor country's troops does not disclose information about how many launches were unsuccessful. Ivan Stupak, a military expert and former Security Service of Ukraine officer, drew attention to this in a commentary to OBOZ TV.

"This is an explanation of why the Russians launch from the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, go to some launch sites - so that when these missiles fail, they simply fall into deserted areas and no one has ever seen them," he said.

Stupak noted that we do not know how many such unsuccessful launches there were. "But we can understand that there was definitely more than one unsuccessful one," the military expert said.

On January 2, the Russian Armed Forces conducted a high-intensity air attack. The enemy tried to overload our air defense system.

The invaders hoped that the Ukrainian military would use up all the ammunition on the large number of Shahed kamikaze drones launched earlier.

"And then our military has to physically run somewhere, drag these missiles or carry them on a truck, bring them to the launch site... And at this time they launch cruise missiles, "Daggers," Stupak explained the enemy's plan.

He added that 10 Daggers launched at a time is the "hysteria" of the Russian occupiers.

Ivan Stupak comments on Russian tactics

As OBOZ.UA wrote:

- "On the morning of January 2, our soldiers repelled a large-scale combined attack, during which the enemy used UAVs , cruise, ballistic and hypersonic missiles.

- According to the report of the Ukrainian Air Force, a total of 35 drones and 99 missiles were spotted. The air defense forces destroyed 35/35 Shahed UAVs, 59/70 X-101/555 cruise missiles, 10/10 Daggers, 3/3 Kalibr cruise missiles, 0/12 ballistic missiles and 0/4 X-31P missiles. 107 out of 134 air targets were eliminated.

- In Petropavlovka, Voronezh region of the Russian Federation, a Russian missile - previously an X-101- launched by the occupiers from the Caspian region fell while the aggressor country's army was attacking Ukraine. The blast wave completely destroyed several houses.

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