In the occupied Crimea, an unidentified rocket fell, causing a crater at the scene - according to reports

In Crimea, a rocket fell
In Crimea, a rocket fell. Illustrative photo

On the afternoon of November 7, an unidentified missile fell in the temporarily occupied village of Chornomorske on the Crimean peninsula. It left a crater, but according to preliminary reports, there were no damages or injuries.

The fall of an unknown missile was reported by the ASTRA Telegram channel, citing sources. The incident occurred after drones were once again spotted over Crimea on the night of November 7. At that time, the Russian aggressor country's Defense Ministry reported that it had destroyed nine Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles and intercepted eight more.

The missile allegedly fell after a drone attack (on Tuesday afternoon) in the area of the non-profit gardening society "Cypress" in Chornomorske. This is an area not far from the Black Sea coast.

The area of the ''Cypress'' gardening cooperative in the town of Chornomorske (Crimea, Ukraine)

"A sinkhole about a meter deep has formed. Preliminarily, there are no casualties or damage," the authors of the ASTRA project wrote. No information was published about what kind of projectile it was or who it belonged to.

Officially, the Russian occupiers did not acknowledge the fact that a missile fell in Crimea on November 7.

Chornomorske on the map of Crimea

As OBOZ.UA previously reported:

- In the evening of November 4, powerful explosions were heard in Kerch (Crimea). As a result of the missile attack, a fire broke out at the Zatoka shipyard. The small missile ship Askold of the 22800 Karakurt project was damaged.

- The Center for Strategic Communications of the Armed Forces of Ukraine confirms a strike on Russian maritime and port infrastructure at a shipyard in Crimea.

- The Institute for the Study of War believes that since June 2023, the Ukrainian Defense Forces have been conducting a campaign to target Russian military infrastructure on the peninsula, primarily Black Sea Fleet assets, to weaken the ability of the Russian Armed Forces to use Crimea as a springboard and rear for its operations in southern Ukraine.

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