In Melitopol, the occupiers encourage locals to fight against Ukraine: they promise money and benefits. Photo

Occupation of Melitopol
Occupation of Melitopol

The Russian occupants distribute leaflets in Ukrainian Melitopol with calls to join the army of the aggressor and fight against their native country. For this they promise to pay in rubles, with separate payments allegedly for each kilometer of advancement as part of assault units, destroyed military equipment and captured Leopard, Abrams, Challenger and HIMARS.

The corresponding "advertisement," which is distributed in the temporarily occupied territory, came to the disposal of OBOZREVATEL. The enemy is also trying to seduce the population with "additional social benefits and guarantees.

The aggressor does not report the realities of the war against Ukraine, but lies about the "benefits" that allegedly the participants of the "SMO" are bound to receive.

Among them are "veteran status," credit and tax vacations, budgetary places for children's higher education, and so on. Separate paragraphs highlight the "bonuses" the family will receive if a participant in the war against Ukraine is "assassinated."

A source of our publication reported that the invaders distribute such leaflets among the civilian population of Melitopol:

Enemy Leaflets
Occupiers try to drag Ukrainians to war against their home country


It is not specified how the occupants are going to implement their promises if they are also working on an escape plan from southern Ukraine.

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- At the same time, Gauleiter Yevgeny Balitsky complains that he lacks 600 freight cars to increase the scale of the theft.

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