Europe and Canada provide almost 50% of military support to Ukraine: Stoltenberg noted NATO's contribution to countering Russian aggression

NATO members among European countries, along with Canada, provide almost half of the military aid to Ukraine, Stoltenberg said.

The United States remains the leader in providing arms and military equipment to Ukraine. However, almost half of the military assistance to our country is provided by European NATO member states and Canada.

This was stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during a joint statement with U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken before the meeting of NATO foreign ministers in Brussels, Ukrinform reports . He emphasized the importance of continuing such support for Ukraine, which is suffering from full-scale Russian aggression.

During his speech, Stoltenberg thanked the United States for its powerful military assistance to Ukraine. However, he noted that the United States is not alone in this.

"And I thank the United States for your leadership, for the critical military equipment that the United States is providing to Ukraine. But let me emphasize that this is really a joint effort between the United States, Canada and European Allies. And the European Allies and Canada are providing almost 50% of the military support. So this is really something that we do together as Allies on both sides of the Atlantic," he said.

According to Stoltenberg, the war in Ukraine will be one of the key topics for discussion during the meeting of NATO foreign ministers. Our country, he emphasized, "will be at the center of the agenda" in Brussels.

"We are seeing the continuation of Russian attacks, intense fighting continues along the frontline, and this makes it even more important that Allies continue to support Ukraine," Stoltenberg emphasized.

The two-day meeting of NATO Foreign Ministers started in the Belgian capital on Tuesday, November 28. The meeting is expected to reaffirm long-term support for Ukraine.

And on Wednesday, November 29, the foreign ministers will meet for the first time at a meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Council. Prior to the event, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba and Stoltenberg are expected to make a joint statement.

Earlier, the NATO Secretary General noted Ukraine's achievements in the war. According to Stoltenberg, the Alliance sees Ukraine's current achievements on the battlefield despite the fact that the front line is hardly moving. He emphasized that the allies are impressed by the bravery and professionalism of Ukrainian defenders and their ability to hit the rear of the occupiers.

In addition, it was reported that Stoltenberg made a statement regarding peace talks with Russia. The NATO Secretary General emphasized that Ukraine will make its own decision on the terms of ending the war with Russia. At the same time, he added that the Alliance's task is to assist Kyiv on the battlefield.

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