Can not let Ukraine lose: military observer explains how NATO will respond if Trump is elected. Video

Military observer Denys Popovych on the aid package for Ukraine

There is considerable "turbulence" in the West due to the possible return of US President Donald Trump to office, which will entail significant changes in both US policy and NATO's structure. In addition, the Alliance itself is on the verge of electing a new Secretary General. All this situation affects Ukraine.

Military observer Denys Popovych told OBOZ.UA how the North Atlantic Alliance will respond to Trump's presidency in the United States and what our country should expect in the near future in an exclusive interview.

According to the expert, Ukraine is already experiencing the consequences of Trump's policy, even though he has not yet become president. The delay in aid, and in fact, its freezing, is the result of the influence of this odious American politician on the Congress.

"We can see that Trump is not yet president, but he is already having a serious impact on the situation. It is also the same factor of turbulence. In fact, Donald Trump's influence on Congress. We see that the Congress has been unable to put the issue of defense support for Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan to a vote for months. In other words, he is not yet president, but this force of attraction is already being felt on his part," Popovich said.

In this context, the initiative of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg to establish a fund of 100 billion euros to help Ukraine for a period of 5 years was actually launched, the observer noted. He emphasized that the Alliance understands that Ukraine cannot be allowed to lose.

"The fact that there are talks about the need to provide Ukraine with a support package is NATO's reaction to the fact that it is possible that Trump could become president of the United States, who, let's say, is very ambiguous about continuing to help Ukraine. And the Alliance feels this. They understand that they cannot let Ukraine lose, but they have to do something if the situation does not turn in our favor," Popovych said.

However, according to the expert, the idea to establish a 100 billion euro fund has already caused a controversial reaction among NATO members.

"There are still skeptical assessments, even criticism from European ministers. In particular, Annalena Baerbock, German Foreign Minister, said that this fund should not duplicate the commitments of NATO and the European Union to support Ukraine," the observer noted.

Popovych noted that the idea of creating a separate defense support fund for Ukraine from NATO countries is viable "but with certain conditions."

First, there must be transparency and uniformity in the contributions of countries to this fund. And secondly, problems with some members of the Alliance, in particular with Hungary, whose position on assistance to Ukraine remains unchanged, must be resolved.

"That is, there is no general understanding of the conditions, the fate of each participant in this large fund, and the time when it will be implemented. That's why I say that, and I mean that there are about two months left before the Washington summit. There is hope, there is hope that this will be resolved," Denys Popovych summarized.

As reported, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg initiated the creation of a five-year fund of allied contributions totaling $100 billion for Ukraine. The relevant package is to be signed by the leaders of the Alliance member states at the July summit in Washington.

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