Ambushed: a Russian colonel who was supposed to organise resistance to a "sabotage and reconnaissance group" was killed in the Belgorod region. Photo.

In the Belgorod region, Russian volunteers killed a Russian colonel who commanded a motorised rifle regiment

Russian volunteers "denazified" Russian Colonel Vladimir Kuznetsov. He was supposed to organise a rebuff to "Ukrainian saboteurs" in the Belgorod region.

Not far from the border with Ukraine, the Russian colonel was ambushed and killed. This was reported by one of the Russian propagandists, an occupier with the call sign "Thirteen".

"Information about the death of paratrooper colonel Vladimir Kuznetsov in the Belgorod region is confirmed. His task was to organise a rebuff to Ukrainian saboteurs, he was ambushed in his official car near the border (why was the colonel unguarded in an unarmoured car?) He did not raise his hands, did not ask for mercy. He died in a firefight, with his weapon in his hands," the occupier, in the manner typical of Russian propagandists, gave Kuznetsov's death a heroic flavour.


The occupier was married to Tatyana Vitusheva, the head of the Istra urban district in the Moscow region. He has been fighting against Ukraine since October 2022. According to Russian propagandists, the occupier went to war as a volunteer.

Ukrainian officer Anatoliy Shtefan clarified that Colonel Vladimir Kuznetsov, call sign "Ulan", commanded the 1009th Motorised Rifle Regiment of the Russian Armed Forces. Also, the commander of the 3rd battalion of the 1009th motorised rifle regiment, 'Strannik', was wounded in the Belgorod region.

And blogger Necro Mancer found reports in Russian public media that the losses of the Russian Armed Forces in Belgorod region are not limited to the elimination of Kuznetsov.

"We have been informed about the death of the commander of the 1009th motorised rifle regiment, who fought under the call sign 'Ulan'... The 8th and 9th companies of the regiment suffered heavy losses. According to recent reports, the 8th company was surrounded... The commander of the 3rd battalion of the 1009th regiment, call sign 'Strannik', was also wounded," the Russians wrote.


The occupier was eliminated on June 5.

Kuznetsov was buried in Istra on June 8. He was posthumously awarded the Order of Courage.

Earlier, the Russian Volunteer Corps reported the death of their colleague Danil Maznyk. He commanded the storming of Novaya Tavolzhanka in the Belgorod region and captured the first Russian soldier there.

Maznyk fought his last battle on June 3.

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