When to plant corn: how to choose the best place in the garden

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Corn is an unpretentious crop, but there are a few important things to consider before planting. You should choose varieties that are suitable for certain climatic conditions, ensure proper care, choose the best location, and take care of regular watering.

Corn is a heat-loving crop, so it should be sown only in well-warmed soil. Read the OBOZ.UA article on when to plant this crop and how to choose the best place in the garden.

When to plant corn

If the planting dates are not met, corn can deteriorate from root rot and the appearance of fungal spores or pests. However, experts emphasize that if there are three sprouts, corn can withstand temperatures down to -2°C, but if the temperature drops to -4°C, there is a high probability of crop loss.

In the southern regions of Ukraine, corn can be planted in April, and in the northern and central regions – in May and June.

Where to plant corn

This heat-loving crop should be planted exclusively in sunny beds. In shaded areas, the number of leaves and cobs will be significantly reduced. Make sure that the area is not located in a lowland – flooding or close proximity to groundwater will lead to crop loss.

You should also pay attention to crop rotation rules. Corn grows best in beds where vegetables, watermelons, melons, root crops, or green manure were grown in the previous season. The worst predecessor is fodder or sugar corn.

Planting rules

Corn is grown using the wide-row method. It is better not to plant seedlings individually, as there will be problems with pollination and empty cobs will appear.

The distance between plants should be at least 25 cm, and between rows - at least 50 cm. Compaction of crops will lead to a decrease in yield – the sprouts will have to fight for nutrients and trace elements.

The soil acidity shouldn't fall below 5 pH.

A month or a few weeks before planting, it is recommended to dig up the bed and apply one of the following fertilizers:

  • ammonium nitrate (30 g);
  • potassium sulfate (20 g, can be used both in spring and autumn);
  • urea (35 g, in spring).

You can pre-germinate the seeds. To do this, place the planting material on a damp cloth and keep it in a room of +23°C and above. After 2-3 days, you should start planting seeds.

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