How to get horseradish out of the garden: methods that work even in hopeless cases

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Horseradish is also needed by those who preserve vegetables for the winter and those who like spicy dishes. It is also easy to grow in your garden. But not everyone can do it when it grows too much.

Therefore, OBOZ.UA decided to collect tips from experienced gardeners who know how to deal with horseradish if it has grown beyond the space allocated to it. If you allow the crop to multiply freely, it will begin to quickly occupy new areas, block the sun with its large leaves and displace other plants.

What not to do

Do not try to dig up horseradish, because its roots can go up to 7 meters into the ground. In the process of controlling the plant, you can cut them into pieces, almost each of which will become the basis for a new plant. And instead of eliminating the horseradish, you will increase its number in the garden.

Leaving any parts of the plant, especially the roots, on the ground is also not recommended. They can begin to take root very quickly. Everything you collect from the place where the horseradish grew should be dried on litter and put into compost or burned.

And don't think that after the first treatment you will be able to calm down. Horseradish is difficult to remove, and you may need more than one treatment before you are successful.

How to remove horseradish without chemicals

To get rid of the plant completely, you will have to systematically destroy traces of its presence in the garden for a long time. After plowing, carefully pick out all fragments of the plant from the ground. Pay special attention to the roots. Also, during the warm season, regularly inspect the garden and pull out even the smallest horseradish leaves.

If you can remove the area where the vegetable grew for a year, cover it with a black film for the entire summer. All plants will die under it during this time, and next spring you can safely plant the garden with whatever you want.

Another way is to generously cover the horseradish root sections in the ground with salt. However, keep in mind that salt can be harmful to the overall fertility of the soil. Therefore, experts still recommend using chemical herbicides rather than this product.

How to control horseradish with herbicides

The treatment should be carried out in dry, calm weather. Whichever product you choose, it should not get on neighboring crops. You will have to repeat the procedure several times to destroy the horseradish roots. Wait until the old leaves of the plant have time to dry and new growth emerges from the ground, and then spray it immediately.

To increase the effect of the herbicide, combine spraying with lubrication. Treat the entire aboveground part with undiluted chemical. And do not forget about the safety measures indicated on the package.

Combine chemical treatment with all other methods. This is the only way to effectively and relatively safely remove the plant from your garden.

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