Air strike on psychiatric hospital occurred during shift change, 3 doctors went missing: new details of Russian missile strike on Dnipro. Video.

Filatov gives details of enemy's morning attack on Dnipro

The mayor of Dnipro, Boris Filatov, gave details of the morning shelling of a psychiatric clinic in Dnipro by the occupiers. Thus, at 13.40, rescuers had already extinguished the fire in the building and started searching for missing people.

Filatov said in an interview that three doctors were reported missing. The doctors have not been in touch since they arrived at the hospital.

The mayor of Dnipro also noted that another terrorist attack by Russians took place during the doctors' shift change. If not for this, the number of dead and wounded people in the hospital could have been much higher.

The mayor also added that the building that the occupiers entered was not only a psychiatric clinic. According to him, internally displaced persons used to live there.

It should be noted that two people were killed and 30 wounded in the Russian attack on the hospital in Dnipro, including two children.

Filatov added that the poor animals of the nearby veterinary clinic also suffered.


"There could have been more victims. In fact, people were saved by a miracle. At the time of the attack, the hospital was in the middle of a 'shift change'. And just a few weeks ago, the IDP families who temporarily lived on the second floor of the hospital had just moved out. So maybe the miracle will happen again. And we will find those medical workers with whom we have no contact now. And that the number of victims will not increase further," Filatov said.

He also said that as a result of the massive rocket attack at night and daytime shelling, more than a thousand windows were smashed in the city. These were in outpatient clinics and nearby residential buildings, schools and kindergartens, the stadium building and children's out-of-school facilities, and a number of infrastructure and commercial facilities. Roofs and communications have been damaged.

He urged all those affected to contact the administrations in their districts.


We would like to remind you that horrific footage of the aftermath of the Russian attack on a hospital in Dnipro has been posted online. The video was published by local Telegram channels, calling the attack "absolute hell". In the footage, residents rescued a man from the rubble, and everything around them was in ruins.

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy reacted to another terrorist attack by the enemy. He noted that the occupiers had once again confirmed their status as fighters against everything humane and honest.

According to the residents of Dnipro, they saw and heard a rocket fly over before the explosion. The sounds of the approaching enemy object and the impact, after which smoke flew into the sky, were captured on video.

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