Ukrainian national team of fighter-athletes won the European championship in martial arts

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Ukrainians won in Nagykanizh

The Ukrainian combined team of martial arts of the All-Ukrainian sports association "Combat self-defense ICO" took part in the European championship of martial arts of the Combat self-defense International Combat Organization, which was held from 19 to 20 May 2023 in the Hungarian city of Nagykanja.

For the European title, 464 athletes from 14 countries competed in 14 disciplines. The Ukrainian team, approved by decision of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, consisted of 48 athletes, 25 of them were children and juniors, and three athletes are the active representatives of the power structures, in particular, the Airborne assault troops of the AFU, the Territorial Defense Forces of the AFU and the MIA of Ukraine.


The development of martial arts by the rules "Combat self-defense ICO" in Ukraine became popular after 2015, when Ukraine joined this multi-format type of competition. In our country it has an applied military-patriotic direction.

At the European Championship 2023, the Ukrainian team won first place in the team, collecting a total of 118 awards of various kinds.

Representative of our team - the first vice-president of the Martial Arts Association of ISO, Honored coach of Ukraine Alexander Slipchenko, who for his coaching activities has prepared more than a dozen world champions.

At the European Championship the Ukrainians got in an age category of adults: the first places - 28 awards, the second - 15 awards, the third - 4 awards. In juniors age category: first places - 19 awards, second places - 16 awards, third - 3 awards. In the age category of juniors: first places - 17 awards, second places - 12 awards, third places - 4 awards.

Among the champions are Tkachenko Yaroslav, Pestov Pavel, Obruchkova Yaroslava, Gichko Maria, Pilipchuk Evgeny, Timko Andrey, Martushkanov Victor, as well as our boys and juniors - Frolov Egor, Ovcharenko Adrian, Maevka Rostislav.



Special mention should be made of the serviceman of the Airborne Assault Troops Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Ilya Vilman, who after a contusion and rehabilitation was able to take a prize-winning place at the European championship, and representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine - cadets of the National Academy of Internal Affairs, European champion Vasyl Rubanyak and two-time championship finalist Semen Maksimiv.

The President of sport association major-general Zentsev Nikolay pointed out that it was not the first time since the beginning of large-scale Russian-Ukrainian war when by the decision of the Commander-in-chief of AF of Ukraine soldiers of the front line fought for Ukraine both at "zero" and international sport competitions took part in the international competitions in martial arts.

Unfortunately, a number of athletes and coaches of the Ukrainian association "Combat self-defense ISO" died defending our country from the Russian aggressor. Some Ukrainian sportsmen dedicated their victories at the European Championship to their fallen comrades - champions in martial arts "Combat self-defense ICO", masters of sports of Ukraine Pavlushko Mikhail, Galayko Vladimir, Grekhov Sergey, Bryukhanov Bogdan, Volk Nikolay...

Eternal glory to the fallen!


We congratulate the Ukrainian fighters-athletes and their coaches with high sport achievements in the international arena.

The World Championship 2023 will take place in October in Great Britain, where the headquarters of the world association "Combat self-defense ICO" is situated.

By the way, Russia was excluded from all kinds of international competitions according to "Combat self-defense ICO" by the decision of the council of national presidents of the sports association.

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