Traitor from Kharkiv, who called Ukrainians a "herd", was knocked out hard in the 1st round. Video.

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Oleksiy Oliynyk suffered a humiliating defeat in Russia. The 45-year-old native of Kharkiv was knocked out by 43-year-old Briton Oli Thompson at a Moscow tournament as part of the REN TV Fight Club project.

Oliynyk took Russian citizenship in December 2014, expressing confidence that the aggressor country's president, Vladimir Putin, was pursuing the right policy.


At the end of the first round, Oliynyk "yawned" on the right side, which proved fatal for him. Thompson's powerful hook landed perfectly on the chin of the traitor to Ukraine.


Oliynyk fell to the octagon floor like a man crippled and for a while did not understand what was happening to him.


Thompson took a meditation pose at this time, showing with his whole appearance that such a blow was nothing supernatural for him.


The commentators were most impressed by this outcome, discussing for a long time how Oliynyk could have missed such a difficult right side.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, speaking about Euromaidan, Oliynyk once expressed regret that in 2014 Berkut was not allowed to use military weapons for a long time in order to "skew this herd".

In November 2014, Oliynyk went to the weigh-in before his fight in the United States against American Jared Rosholt wearing a T-shirt with Putin's image on it.


Oleinik's first fight under the Russian flag ended in a shameful defeat. In a fight in the United States, the Pole Daniel Omelianchuk brutally beat the Kharkiv man.

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