"Some people won't understand me": Dynamo legend who stayed in the basement of a house in Gostomel became a soldier of the Offensive Guard

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Vashchuk became a soldier of the National Guard

The legendary Dynamo Kyiv footballer Vladyslav Vashchuk has joined the National Guard of Ukraine. The 2006 FIFA World Cup quarter-finalist and Champions League semi-finalist said he made the decision on his own and expressed confidence that the country and its army would win the war against the aggressors.

Vashchuk wrote about this on his Instagram page. The graduate of the Kyiv club, who at the beginning of the full-scale invasion personally faced the invaders, sitting in the basement of his house in Gostomel, joined the Bureviy offensive brigade, which shocked some of his relatives.


"Yes, it was my personal decision. Yes, my family and friends are still in shock. And yes, I know that some people will never understand me. But I really believe in our Victory. I have seen the "Russian world" with my own eyes and I will do everything to ensure that no one else sees or feels this in my country. And when the time comes, I will be able to answer exactly what I did during the war. The National Guard of Ukraine. The Bureviy offensive brigade. Soldier Vladyslav Vashchuk. I serve the Ukrainian people!" the former footballer wrote.


Last March, Vashchuk shared a story about how he cooked food for himself and his family over a fire in occupied Gostomel, which was bombed for 15 hours straight, and fled without a "green corridor".


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, 19-year-old hockey player Oleksandr Koloniuk, who died in the battles with the Russian occupiers in Donbas, took part in the assaults of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near Bakhmut.

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