"Sick people!" Russia lashed out at Lithuania over the decision on Peskov's wife's contestant on the show

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Navka wanted to hold a show in Lugansk

The famous figure skating coach Tatiana Tarasova has attacked Lithuania after the Seimas decided to revoke the citizenship of Margarita Drobiazko, who participates in ice shows of Ukrainian traitor Tatyana Navka. The former athlete called the Baltic residents crazy and sick people.

Tarasova said this in a commentary to Sport-Express. She did not elaborate on the fact that Dmitry Peskov's wife's show is financed from the state budget, which means that Drobyazko receives money directly from the terrorist state, which does not embarrass her in any way given Russia's attack on Ukraine.



"The ravings of madmen. Democracy takes an ugly form. Sick people! I don't think that because of this, athletes from former Soviet countries won't take part in our shows. Of course, our shows will still be popular. And the shows are mostly made up of Russians. Is there any chance that common sense will prevail? If that's what they're proposing, then they don't have any common sense. If they have nothing to do but to deprive Drobyazko of his citizenship, then I congratulate them," said Tarasova.


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We note that the day before Navka announced the cancellation of the show in the temporarily occupied Lugansk, for which she was previously allocated a grant of 14.5 million rubles (170 thousand dollars). Earlier Olympic champion Viktor Petrenko was dismissed from his post as vice president of the Ukrainian Figure Skating Federation following his participation in Navka's show in Sochi.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Russian figure skater Alisa Yefimova, who in 2019 won the Universiade in Krasnoyarsk, refused to play for the Russian national team and moved to the US team.

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