"She has the intellect of a washing machine": the Russian Olympic champion was ridiculed online for saying that Europe is afraid of her victories

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Beijing 2022 Olympic champion Veronica Stepanova, who had previously blabbed about why Russians were stealing washing machines in Ukraine, was trolled by fans after she spoke about her attitude toward Europe. The athlete demanded that Western countries respect the opinion of Russians, and also said that she would not be allowed to the World Cup for fear of her victory. readers reacted caustically to Stepanova's conceit. Fans of cross-country skiing and sports, in general, advised Stepanova to train hard instead of writing columns for propaganda media sites controlled by the Kremlin.


"It's everyone's fault, I'm the fluffy one", "And what world does Stepanova herself live in? She has the intellect of a Soviet Vyatka automatic washing machine", "What a conceit: she would come and win, but they won't let her in. What would she have won? 12th place?", "You'll be the Russian world champion in Ust-Perdyusk! You wanted that, didn't you?", "Land of unfrightened champions", "The only Olympic relay 'gold', and the hubris...", "She went skiing in Dubai, now she can become a deputy, what else should she do when she's 22 and has no brains? - They wrote in the comments.


Earlier, Stepanova came to rave about the "work" of Russian propagandists, saying that "the rest of the press looks like a tribute from the 20th century.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Veronika Stepanova urged Russia to flee from Western countries, linking the future of their country with the Asian and Arab world.

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