Russian Olympic champion with "the intelligence of a washing machine" says that the World Cup without Russians is "not a world championship"

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Veronika Stepanova
Veronika Stepanova supports the war

Veronika Stepanova, the champion of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games, whose intelligence fans have compared to a washing machine, called the competition without Russians unworthy of the title of world championships. She also noted that the representatives of the aggressor country should return to the tournaments without any restrictions and with their own symbols.

The ardent fan of dictator Vladimir Putin wrote about this in her Telegram channel, commenting on the decision of the International Ski Federation (FIS) to extend the suspension of Russians and Belarusians. She also called the demand to condemn the war in Ukraine unacceptable.

Putin and Stepanova

"Either we will return as equals or we will not return at all. By equal, I mean, first of all, the absence of any 'selection committee' that would have the right to question me about my political views or demand that I disclose my employment status. The rules should be the same for skiers from all countries. Any other approach is discrimination, and everyone, including the FIS, understands this perfectly well. The world is much bigger than Scandinavia or even the whole of Europe. Those who want to compete without us have the right to do so. But they need to honestly admit that this is not a cup or a world championship - it's just an international tournament," Stepanova said.


Earlier, Stepanova "blurted out" why Russians steal washing machines in Ukraine. She also set a condition for Europe that "we are on the same page". The skier was also delighted with the "work" of Russian propagandists, saying that "the rest of the press looks like a greeting from the 20th century".


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, Veronika Stepanova repeated the Kremlin's propaganda narrative that there is "less money in Europe and the United States". She also claimed that Europe is ready to ask Russian skiers to return to competitions.

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