Propagandists from "Match TV" embarrassed with the Ukrainian fighter of the UFC

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The TV channel was scandalized twice in one day

The main sports and propaganda channel of Russia "Match TV" cut the broadcast of the fight of Ukrainian fighter of the Absolute Fighting Championship (UFC) Igor Poteri against New Zealander Ulberg. Instead of the fight of our compatriot, Russian filmmakers showed replays of other fights.

UFC Fight Pass in Russian did not show the meeting of Pateri and Ulberg either. Nor was the fight shown on "Match! Fighter."


"Right now, the Match TV channel is very talented at embarrassing itself. There in the UFC should be a fight of Ukrainian Igor Poteri, instead they are spinning replays. What's up, Sasha Tashchin? How is sport outside of politics?", - wrote in his Telegram famous journalist Pavel Gorodnitsky.


In addition, the broadcast of Zenit's parade near the Peter and Paul Fortress, where representatives of the St. Petersburg club's fan base had gathered, was interrupted on Match TV.


After a while, when the fans behind the scenes began shouting "Fan ID is a soccer killer," the sound went off, the report was interrupted, and the broadcast continued in the TV studio.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Poteria - Ulberg fight lasted only two minutes. The 26-year-old from Kyiv was knocked out in the middle of the 1st round.


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