Peskov's wife spills the beans about the war by cancelling show in Luhansk region

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Tatiana Navka becomes an object of ridicule by fans

The wife of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Tatiana Navka, suddenly recognised the success of the Ukrainian armed forces in the Luhansk sector, cancelling all shows in the region. The 48-year-old Olympic champion in ice dancing inadvertently refuted the words of her husband, who in every interview claims that "SVO ("Special Military Operation") is going according to plan."

"We were planning a tour to Luhansk region on 6 June, everything was ready. But we assume, and God is in control. So now I can't risk the lives of my team and our guys. I hope that we will still have the opportunity to show our show to the children of Luhansk Oblast," Navka said in an interview with Sport24.


Russian fans ridiculed Tatiana's words.

"It's strange, we're cracking everyone like a seed over there. It's okay if you don't believe people, but at least listen to Konashenkov's official, he won't lie," the users mocked.


Users wonder why it has suddenly become dangerous in Luhansk region, if her husband claims otherwise.

"Something smells like discrediting the Russian Armed Forces and the SVO," "Tatiana, didn't the "Mustache" tell you that everything is going according to plan?" - commentators wrote.


Others suggest that Navka should return the million-dollar grant she received on the show back to the budget.

"14.5 million in her pocket is the main thing. And the kids will watch Peskov on TV," "A good scheme to transfer budget money to the right pocket," fans sneer.


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