"It's not up to us to decide": Peskov's wife, who received millions from Putin for a show in Luhansk, fought back after striking at the occupiers

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Navka was afraid of attacks on the occupiers' control points

Olympic ice dancing champion Tatiana Navka announced the cancellation of her musical Ruslan and Lyudmila in the temporarily occupied Luhansk, for which she received a grant of 14 million rubles ($170,000) from dictator Vladimir Putin. The wife of Dmitry Peskov referred to the fact that the LPR cancelled all mass events after the attacks on the command posts of the aggressor's army.

Navka said this in a comment to the propaganda news agency R-Sport. At the same time, she cowardly kept silent about the destruction of the occupiers, and called the explosions at the command posts "recent circumstances" that clearly terrified the former figure skater.


"The thing is, of course, it's not up to us to decide. But as far as I know, all mass events in Luhansk have been cancelled, so this is being decided. When will the final decision be made? You understand that it does not depend on me. We had bought tickets and everything was prepared, but due to the recent circumstances... After all, I am responsible for my team, for the athletes, for the children. We will see how the events unfold," Navka said.


Prior to that, the Olympic champion was slammed for "lies, hypocrisy and showmanship" on May 9, and was also called a looter and occupier.

It should be noted that on May 12 and 13, the Ukrainian Armed Forces conducted precision missile strikes on the concentrations of Russian forces in Luhansk. In addition, on May 15, there was an explosion in a local barbershop, which resulted in serious injuries to the "head of the LPR Interior Ministry" Kornet.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the first Olympic champion of independent Ukraine, Oksana Baiul, responded to Tatiana Navka for her rude attack on her.

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