"In a fight with Haney, put your hands down and start praying." Lomachenko was nicely put in his place after his words about God and the war in Ukraine

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Logay turned to Lomachenko

Famous Ukrainian actor and musician Artur Logay wittily reacted to the words of former world champion in three weight categories Vasyl Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs) about the war. The boxer expressed confidence that only God can stop Russia's aggression against our country, and the X Factor contestant advised him to rely on the Lord in his fight against Devin Haney (29-0, 15 KOs) on May 20.

Logay posted a video message to the athlete on his Instagram page. The young man urged Lomachenko to give up from the first seconds of the fight with the American absolute champion and pray that God would stop the fight.


"If I do something, it will not change anything in this war. If I say something, it won't change anything either, so I'll keep quiet." That's what Lomachenko said at a press conference before the fight with Haney. He seems to be a Ukrainian athlete, but his rhetoric is like that of a citizen of the country of 404. He went on to say that the only thing we can do is pray and hope that God will stop this war. I have a counter proposal for Vasyl. Vasyl, in the fight with Haney, just put your hands down and start praying that the Lord will stop this beating. Moreover, make you the winner of this fight," Arthur said.


The boxing night with Vasyl and Devin will take place in Las Vegas, USA, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. OBOZREVATEL will provide a live stream of the Lomachenko vs Haney fight. It will start at approximately 6:00 Kyiv time on Sunday, May 21.

On the eve of the fight, the boxers met in Las Vegas and had a rowt. Our boxer said he was superior to the American. And the current champion threatened the Ukrainian with retribution.


Lomachenko spoke a lot about the war in Ukraine, but carefully avoided mentioning Russian aggression. He did not say the word "Ukraine" when he said who he would fight Haynie for. And then, instead of talking about the war, Vasyl spoke about "big, big problems" in Ukraine.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the inscription on Vasyl Lomachenko's T-shirt before the fight with Devin Haney disgusted the fans. For his part, promoter Bob Arum admired the Ukrainian people and the boxer's patriotism.

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