Ukraine needs to solve the problem with prosthetics: Komarovskyi listed the main steps. Video

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Komarovskyi listed the main steps in solving the problem of prosthetics

Yevhen Komarovskyi, a pediatrician and candidate of medical sciences, said that Ukraine needs to solve the problem of prosthetics. According to him, the issue should be addressed now.

In addition, the doctor listed the steps that need to be taken to solve the problem. Komarovskyi spoke about this in an interview with Natalia Vlashchenko on YouTube.(To watch the video, scroll to the bottom of the page).

According to him, prosthetics for Ukrainian soldiers should be provided by a state institution. Komarovsky noted that there are only a few steps to be taken to create the necessary center.

"We need a state prosthetics center. We have a huge problem with prosthetics. The problem has become very urgent. What do we need for this? First, we need a territory. We need specialists for this. We need equipment for this. We need money for this," Komarovsky said.

The doctor emphasized that Ukrainian doctors can undergo the necessary training and obtain qualifications abroad. Komarovsky believes that this issue needs to be addressed now.

At the same time, the doctor believes that Ukraine can independently produce the equipment necessary for prosthetics.

"We find the territory and start building adapted premises. Now a huge number of military are training. The state is already finding the right experts, recruiting a group of Ukrainian doctors for training. What can we produce on our own? We are building a plant, a joint venture," the doctor said.

Komarovsky talks about the problem of prosthetics

He also said that the solution to the problem of prosthetics should not be postponed until after the war is over.

"There are no unsolvable problems, but they should not be postponed until after the war. If now the whole world is fitting our guys with prosthetics, after the war the enthusiasm will drop significantly," Komarovskyi explained.

As a reminder, American specialists in Minneapolis made prosthetic limbs for Ukrainian soldiers who lost their legs in the war for free. The first five defenders arrived in the U.S. in wheelchairs the day before and were able to walk the next day.


Earlier it was reported that 9-year-old Sasha Filipchuk, a victim of Russian aggression who lost her arm in a shelling in Gostomel, arrived in the United States for treatment. The girl is going to be fitted with a modern high-tech prosthesis.

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, doctors in the United States have successfully performed prosthetic surgeries on two Ukrainian girls, 11-year-old Yana and her mother Natalia, who lost their legs during a Russian missile attack on Kramatorsk. Both are already taking their first steps.

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