How to keep bones strong: the experts named the main ways

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The density of bone tissue depends on many factors.

As we age, the human body's organs and systems can undergo changes, lose strength and function differently. Bone tissue is no exception. As metabolic disease progresses and the amount of calcium in the bones decreases, a disease we call osteoporosis develops. To prevent the disease, it is important to establish a diet, get rid of bad habits and get moderate exercise.

You should not hesitate to go to the doctor for examination and consultation, but the daily care of your health falls on your shoulders. Useful expert tips for maintaining bone health were shared on the Cleveland Clinic e-resource.

Eat Vegetables

Vegetables are the best source of vitamin C, which in turn stimulates the production of cells for bone formation. Green and yellow vegetables also contain vitamin K, which the bone system needs to strengthen.

Add vitamin D to your diet

Generally, we do not get enough vitamin D from foods and the environment. Combination calcium and vitamin tablets do not cover the norm either, so to maintain a healthy bone system, it is recommended to take supplements that will provide the body with the necessary amount of these substances.

Perform strength training

To keep your bones strong, you need to train them, but before doing so, consult a doctor or trainer. Aerobics, dancing, tennis or basketball can be useful exercises.

Limit smoking and alcohol

If you want to stay healthy, you should fight bad habits, because the loss of mineral tissue density is associated with the abuse of tobacco and alcohol products.

See a doctor

Don't hesitate to see your doctor, who can examine your bones and determine your risk for osteoporosis or fractures. If you are prone to bone disease, specialists will prescribe preventive therapy and advise you on effective ways to prevent complications.

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