Doctors reveal the secret to a healthy and happy retirement

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Retirement is not the end of life, but the beginning of a new stage

Everyone dreams of living a long life, filled with the joy of meeting family and friends, new experiences and professional achievements. When we are young, we do not think about what our life will be like in retirement or how we would like it to be. Therefore, this period often becomes difficult for a person and even leads to a deterioration in health. Taking care of your body, healthy relationships and rewarding work are simple things that will give you happiness and a sense of harmony in your old age.

Today, for most people, retirement is not the end of life, but only the beginning of a new and exciting stage. Geriatrician Alicia Arbahe, MD, told Johns Hopkins Medicine what is needed to ensure that retirement does not become unpleasant and burdensome.

Retirement is not an unexpected event, so you can prepare for it in advance, as this reduces the risk of feeling lonely or depressed.

Stay active

If you're used to working all your life, having a lot of free time can make you feel useless and lower your self-esteem. However, retirement doesn't mean staying at home all the time. Choose an activity that you enjoy: work part-time, do volunteer work, or start a hobby club. This will allow you to be active and share your knowledge and skills for the benefit of yourself and others.

Maintain healthy relationships

When you are at home more often, your relationships with your loved ones may change. To keep them warm and friendly, try to discuss how you plan to spend your leisure time, agree on daily routines and household chores, and build dreams together and develop plans to achieve them.

Take care of your health

In the frantic rhythm of life, we do not always pay due attention to our own health. This can lead to disorders in the body and numerous diseases. That's why it's time to schedule a preventive check-up with a specialist and identify possible problems in retirement. Timely diagnosis and early treatment will help you avoid complications and improve your health.

As you can see, you can perceive your retirement in different ways, but with some preparation, this stage can give you freedom of choice, new experiences and a sense of harmony with yourself and the world around you in old age.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL talked about the healing effect of relationships between people. Psychologists say that healthy relationships with family and friends can prolong life.

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