A family with a small child was shot over money in Chernihiv region: details of the murder became known

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Missing family found shot in Chernihiv region

On May 14, a family with a young child was killed in Chernihiv Oblast, on their way from Kiev to buy a car. The pseudo-sellers of the car had trapped the family and shot them. The bodies were buried nearby, and the car was burned.

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They went to pick up the car and the connection was lost

On May 14, the family of 30-year-old Nikolai and 28-year-old Victoria Cherevan with their little 4-year-old son Bogdan disappeared in Chernihiv region. This was reported on Facebook by their cousin Maria Zakalyuzhnaya.

According to her relative, the family drove their car from Kiev to the Chernihiv region, in the area of Mena. They were going to inspect a new car for purchase. And the connection with them disappeared.


"Kolya was in the car business. He bought, repaired, and resold them. He found ads on the Internet and went right away to look at them. He never had any problems. So this time he was not afraid to take his family with him. If there had been danger, he would never have set his family up. Especially, if the deal went through, Victoria would drive. They also wanted to stop by the village where Vika's mother lives, so they took their young son with them," says Maria.

Communication with them disappeared on Sunday, May 14, at 14:32. When they did not call back in the evening, Vicky's sister and parents started looking for them, writing on social networks, then went to the police.


"Different people started calling. Someone saw them on the road, someone helped start the starter. Then one driver saw a burning car on the road. So, on Monday morning we drove to Mena," says Maria.

A little later it was reported that Nikolai and Victoria and little Bogdanchik had been killed, their bodies buried.

The car was burned, the bodies were buried

The police reported that the bodies of the shot family were found in the village of Koryukovsky district, Chernihiv region. They were buried, and a burnt-out car stood 500 meters away.


"In a very short time, criminal investigators and police investigators reconstructed the events minute by minute," reported the press service of the Chernihiv Oblast police.


As it turned out, a 22-year-old "seller" of a car from Koryukivschyna, having learned that the family would be bringing money with them, decided to organize a murder. The police detained three participants in the crime, including a girl. It was they who shot up the car of the Kyiv residents, then buried the bodies and burned the car.


The family was buried on Tuesday, May 16, in the native village of the deceased Vika Birky, Chernihiv region.

The police opened criminal proceedings under paragraphs 1, 2, 6 of Art. 2 of Article 115 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (premeditated murder). The perpetrators face up to 15 years in prison or life imprisonment.

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