Worst result in 20 years: Orban's party fails in European Parliament elections

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Viktor Orban. Source: Akos Stiller/Bloomberg

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's ruling Fidesz party has received its worst result in decades in the European Parliament elections. According to the results of the vote, the political force of the Russian dictator's supporter can count on only 11 seats in the European Parliament.

At the same time, Fidesz won local elections in all 19 counties in Hungary. This is reported by the Telex edition.

The Fidesz-KDNP alliance of incumbent Prime Minister Viktor Orban received 44.52% of the vote and can now claim 11 seats in the European Parliament. The majority of votes from the ruling party were taken by the opposition political force Tisa of Peter Magyar. The newly created Tysa won 30% of the vote. This result allows it to receive 7 seats in the European Parliament.

For 20 years, Orban's Fidesz party has only once gained less than 50% in the European Parliament elections. In 2004, while in opposition, the party won 47.4% of the vote.

According to Politico, the result of the European Parliament elections is a huge victory for opposition leader Peter Magyar and a huge failure for Orban. According to the executive director of the independent think tank Political Capital, Peter Kreko, the ruling Hungarian party now has a real competitor.

Magyar himself said that the election result is "the beginning of the end" for Viktor Orban. During the election campaign, the oppositionist criticized the Orban regime for corruption. He also promised to return billions of EU funds intended for Hungary, frozen by Brussels over concerns about the rule of law.

As a reminder, preliminary polls indicate that representatives of extreme right-wing political forces may receive the majority of votes in the European Parliament elections. As a result, the European Parliament may see an increase in the number of Euro-skeptical nationalists, which is likely to affect Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban again criticized the leaders of Western countries. According to him, they want to defeat Russia militarily for the sake of "money and power."

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