Ukraine to receive F-16 fighter jets: all the details of Zelensky's visit to Denmark and the Netherlands

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The President reported specifics on the F-16 issue

Ukraine has reached a "breakthrough agreement" on F-16 fighter jets. They will be in the Ukrainian sky.

This, being in the Netherlands, the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky reported in Telegram. He expressed gratitude to the Prime Minister of the partner country Mark Rutte.

"F-16. A breakthrough deal. As of today, it's already concrete. They'll be in Ukrainian skies. Thank you, Netherlands! Thank you, Mark! Thank you all who help!" - The head of state wrote, publishing a photo with the Dutch prime minister against the background of the long-awaited Ukrainian fighter jet.

Ukraine to receive F-16 fighter jets: all the details of Zelensky's visit to Denmark and the Netherlands

The President said that according to the agreement with the Netherlands, Ukraine will receive 42 F-16 fighter jets. Thus, another step has been taken to strengthen the country's air shield. Ukraine will use the said planes to keep Russian terrorists away from its cities and villages.

Ukraine to receive F-16 fighter jets: all the details of Zelensky's visit to Denmark and the Netherlands

Around 19.00 it became known that Zelensky started a meeting with Danish Prime Minister Matte Frederiksen. The president also intends to meet with the royal family, party leaders, members of the Folketing and representatives of Danish business.

He emphasized that he is working with his team to strengthen Ukraine to protect our people. In the end it became known that this country will provide us with 19 airplanes after training pilots.

"Developing cooperation. Preparing additional good news for Ukrainian warriors. Moving forward in the issue of F-16," - noted Zelensky.

Judging by the photos published by the Danish Foreign Ministry, the Ukrainian leader arrived at one of the country's military airfields and inspected the F-16s.

Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak, who also arrived in Denmark, said: "There are agreements on training our pilots on F-16s, as well as on the transfer of 19 airplanes to Ukraine by Denmark after its completion".

Zelensky himself called the talks with Frederiksen very concrete, substantial and strong.

"Our pilots and engineers have already started training in Denmark. 19 F-16 aircraft will be provided to our state by Denmark. We are working on the speed of training. Separately discussed today and the possibility of expanding training missions. The algorithm is clear. Our F-16 coalition is proving its effectiveness," the head of state wrote in Telegram and thanked Denmark.

Ukraine to receive F-16 fighter jets: all the details of Zelensky's visit to Denmark and the Netherlands

In addition, the head of state together with the team visited the airbase of the Royal Danish Air Force Fighter Wing Skrydstrup.

"Talked with Ukrainian guys who are training on F-16. Had talks with Matte Frederiksen and her team. Doing everything to make the results for Ukraine even more. In particular, today we discussed the expansion of training missions. We are doing our best to accelerate the training. Thank you to Mrs. Prime Minister, the Danish Government and all the Danish people! The Ukrainian air shield is getting stronger," Zelensky said.

We will remind, on August 20, Zelensky accompanied by the first lady Elena Zelenska arrived in the Netherlands on an official visit. He met with the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte. In addition to the F-16, the parties also discussed the Global Peace Summit, the Ukrainian formula for ending the war, as well as holding terrorist state Russia accountable for aggression and crimes committed in Ukraine.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that Ukrainian pilots have already begun training in Denmark and the Netherlands to fly F-16 fighter jets. He did not disclose details, but indicated that the training of pilots includes learning English. The minimum training period for pilots is six months;

- a Ukrainian pilot who is currently training on an F-16 fighter jet said that the allies took Ukraine's wishes into account when drawing up the training plan. According to him, more attention will be paid to missions inherent in the realities of the Russian-Ukrainian war;

- the AFU PS said that Ukraine already has experience in operating the US F-16 fighter jet, as it has already landed on Ukrainian airfields. In particular, this took place within the framework of joint exercises.

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